Food Trucks – DFW

Cajun Tailgators: Cajun Tailgators is a highly-rated food truck,
serving gourmet Cajun meals to the entire Dallas metroplex.
Started less than a year ago, they’ve seen great success in many
of their favorite entrees, including their Crawfish Étouffée.
They travel around to different areas during the day, including
Addison and the Arts District, but they are always updating
their Facebook and Twitter, so you always know where to find them!



Crazy Fish: Crazy Fish is one of the first sushi food trucks to hit the
Dallas food-on-the-go scene! All of their dishes have a unique and
modern twist, and provide a great lunch/dinner option for anyone
looking for inexpensive sushi to-go. Crazy Fish even has alternatives,
such as cooked meats, brown rice and salads, for those who would
rather play it safe. Their website has monthly schedules posted of 
where their truck will be located, so you’ll always be able to satisfy
your sushi craving!



Coolhaus: Started by two L.A. natives, Coolhaus began when the
co-founders wanted to “build” the perfect ice cream cookie
sandwich with their architecture degrees. Now, they have several
trucks serving cookies and ice-cream all around the nation,
including LA, New York, Austin, and Miami. Putting a
contemporary twist on America’s favorite dessert items, Coolhaus
has over 4,300 Twitter followers who track this ice cream
truck’s every move.



Cup Cakin: Cup Cakin is a mobile bakery truck based in Dallas, better
known as the Cup Cakin Machine. Serving not only cupcakes and pies
to their truck customers, Cup Cakin also specializes in wedding cakes,
cupcake bouquets, and any other baking needs you may want to order
for you or your loved ones. Call them today for any special order or
catering event!






Dos Paisanos: If you’re looking for great Mexican and
Salvadorian food, you’ve come to the right truck! Usuall
found around the Arts District, Dos Paisanos has all
sorts of delicious food, including Pastelitos and their
famous tacos. Their beautiful, culturally decorated truck
is the first truck in dallas to serve both Salvadorian and
Mexican food, with a wide variety of entrees for everyone
to try.



Dough Boys Pizza: Everybody loves pizza, and Dough Boys
Pizza makes some of the best pizza around! Based out of
Arlington, but travels across Dallas, Mark “O”, Alex O’Connor
and Spencer Casey know how to make your pizza just the
way you like it. With daily specials, customized options
and fantastic customer service, you’ll leave this truck with
a full stomach and a great mood. Follow them on Twitter
to see if they’re coming to an area near you!



Easy Slider: Only on the streets of Dallas since
December 2011, Easy Slider was started by two founders
who wanted to create the perfect bite-size food to eat with
your hands, without getting too messy. They offer a
variety of sliders with regionally-raised meats, and even
a few with chicken, seafood, and vegetarian options.
Come visit them in the Dallas area, check their schedule
online, and try one of your very own “Perfect Bite”
Easy Sliders!



Eat Jo Dawgs: Eat Jo Dawgs (EJD) gives an interesting
twist to any old hot dog. With a renowned chef, Joe Patrick,
creating customized hot dogs, links, polish sausages,
and bratwurst for the DFW metroplex, EJD has turned
into a new hot dog craze all around the city. They not only
offer a variety of fresh ingredients, from your normal hot
dog toppings to smoked bacon and guacamole, but they
also have excellent customer service. EJD is here to please
you and make you the perfect hot dog. Visit their website
today to see where they will be rolling their hot dogs to next!

Enticed: Providing gourmet shaved ice to North Texas
residents, Enticed Shaved Ice might be the only of its
kind in the area. By adapting the Hawaiian process of
shaving ice off a block to develop a tasty beverage,
Enticed has set itself apart from your everyday snow
cone stand. Their menu features a ton of flavors, all
made preservative and corn-syrup free, and being the
only authentic mobile shaved ice stand around, you
can Enticed yourself almost anywhere.



Gandolfos New York Deli: Did you ever wish the
neighborhood deli would come to you, instead of the
other way around? Gandolfo’s New York Deli brings
the meats, breads, bagels, and dogs of the Big Apple
to the Lone Star State, with the added benefit of mobility.
With a menu as large as theirs, it’s easy to understand
why Gandolfo’s New York Deli is known for their selection.



Gepetto’s Pizza: This new food truck is anything from inexperienced.
The owner has a food truck history and is now whipping up new
creations of his own. Along with the fabulous classic pizzas, Gepetto’s
serves new specialty toppings, such as smoked biscuit and chicken
poblano, and even extends to calzones and pastas.



Good Karma Kitchen: Good Karma Kitchen is a great alternative
for those who want to eat healthy, but aren’t willing to sacrifice taste
and quality. Most of their menu is vegan, gluten-free, or both! Their
sandwiches will satisfy your stomach and their desserts can take care
of your sweet tooth. You won’t have to worry about bad karma.




Jack’s Chowhound: The Chowhound was one of the first food
trucks in the Dallas area, encouraging many others to follow suit.
Jack’s “mean cuisine” is great, old-fashioned gourmet comfort food.
With the variety of classic foods and the popular pulled pork grilled
cheese, this experienced Dallas food truck should be a spot to check
off your list.




Lee’s Grilled Cheese: This family-owned food truck is reestablishing
the classic grilled cheese. Using fresh ingredients, the made to order
grilled cheese sandwiches melt in your mouth. If you are a DIY kind of
grilled cheeser, you can choose the cheese, add-ons, and sides for your
delightful sandwich or you can try on of their “Epic Sandwiches.
” The popular “Back Breaker” is a sharp cheddar grilled cheese with
Mac & Cheese and BBQ pulled pork.






Nammi Truck: Nammi is a Vietnamese fusion food truck known
mainly for their banh mi. Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich using
bread similar to a baguette. The menu is simple, yet flavorful as you
begin by choosing BBQ or grilled pork, lemongrass beef,
lemongrass chicken, or a Vietnamese veggie tofu. Once you have
chosen one of Nammi’s tender meats, you have the option to
surround it with a banh mi, taco, or rice bowl. With speedy service
and an insatiable menu, Nammi Truck is sure to be a pleasurable



Potato Potahto: Potato Potahto is creatively named after the fun
annunciation debate. The new Dallas food truck offers up a simple
menu, but with many options to customize. With the choice of russet
or sweet, the “Potato” comes in #1 or a healthier #2. The “Potahto”
of the day is served with a variety of toppings and also with the choice
of russet or sweet potato. This classic American food truck provides
flavors for even the pickiest palate any day of the week.



Rock and Roll Taco: Rock and Roll Taco’s is an extremely unique
food truck, with their unexpected assortment of cocktails and
entertainment features to serving up authentic Mexican specialties.
Rock and Roll found success in Dallas and is now expanding to
serve in Deep Ellum. The entertaining vibe creates a memorable
experience as you enjoy an adult snow cone with a variety of tacos
or fajitas in the presence of a live band.



Rockstar Bakeshop: Rockstar Bakeshop is Dallas-Fort Worth’s gourmet
whoopie pie destination. It is hard to miss the black and white checked truck
with a bright pink banner offering mouth-watering desserts. Rockstar
Bakeshop is known for their delicious whoopie pies, but also serve a variety
of cookies, pretzel sticks, and other dessert options. The unique food truck
can even cater and customize packaging for your events!







Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe: Ruthie’s Rolling Café is a classic
American truck in DFW offering “tasty grub.” Ruthie’s serves
up the ultimate American comfort food, the grilled cheese.
With your choice of Artisan breads, fine cheeses, meats, and
toppings, Ruthie’s classic grilled cheese sandwiches will
melt in your mouth. The rolling café even provides full-service
accommodations for private parties with not only their
delicious cuisine, but also tables, chairs, and flowers.



Sassy Hot Dogs: Sassy Hot Dogs has placed a gourmet twist on
the classic American hot dog and burger. The menu is splashed
with playful names for dishes such as WTF (Wrap that Frank),
BFF (Bandito Fried Frito), and WWJE. The greasy delights are
garnished with an endless variety of toppings to ensure the best
possible taste. You can also expect a pure and natural flavor with
pesticide-free ingredients.




SoCal Tacos: This unique food truck brings Southern California
to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. SoCal Tacos uses the freshest
ingredients to create the best Southern-Cali tacos and burritos.
Their light and citrusy flavors bring a one-of-a-kind refreshing
taste to their dishes. With one bite of a SoCal taco, you can nearly
taste the ocean.



Ssahm Korean: Serving BBQ infused Korean tacos with an irresistible
array of stimulating flavors. Ssahm’s tasty meat options are served in
a taco, quesadilla, or burrito. A popular item on the menu is the
Kimchee Fries topped with monterey jack and cheddar cheeses,
cilantro, onions, caramelized Kimchee, and spicy mayo.



Bacon Wagon: Very few people dislike bacon and this Fort Worth
food truck serves up savory dishes based on the bacon craze. The
Bacon Wagon only offers five items on the menu, but they are far from
original. The options are the “Ameracon,” “Westside,” “Texacon,”
“WakinBacon,” and the “Cheeessy.” The spelling skills may be
questionable, but the Bacon Wagon’s ability to use greasy pork delicacy
is definitely not. Their bacon topped sandwiches are sure to appeal to
any bacon lover.



Butcher’s Son: Affiliated with the Johnsonville brand, the
Butcher’s Son serves up the famous Johnsonville sausages on
the go. The food truck offers a diverse selection of Johnsonville
meat in sandwiches, quesadillas, sliders, and other presentations.
A unique aspect of this food truck is that they try to minimize the
use of ordinary condiments, keeping the emphasis on the rich
flavor of the Johnsonville sausage.



The Weiner Man: The Weiner Man is not your average hot dog stand!
With creative menu options, ranging from bacon-wrapped dogs to
gouda fries (and a whole slew of toppings), it is clear that the Weiner Man
has a hot dog for every occasion. So whether you’re a hot dog traditionalist
or revolutionary, stop by the Weiner Man for what could possibly be the
best dog around.



Three Lions: The marriage of English and Texan culinary styles
proposed by Three Lions might have been controversial during the
Revolutionary War, but now it’s simply delicious, and quite nearly
genius. Boasting a variety of unique options from fresh, hand-made
meat pies to the self-proclaimed “Rolls-Royce of grilled cheeses,
” the Three Lions menu might have you considering treason. Since
much of their food requires much time, dedication, and hand making,
Three Lions are used to selling out fast!



Tin Star Taco Taxi: Tin Star Taco Taxi combines some of the
old along with a little of something new. In addition to providing
a variety of breakfast alternatives, it is an affordable option for all
street taco lovers out there. Tin Star Taco Taxi is the taco stand
you know and love, only this one comes to you!






Trailercakes: For the connoisseur of cupcakes, visit Trailercakes.
In their retro chrome trailer, this portable source of deliciousness is
hard to miss! With so much variety, Tailercakes has set themselves
apart with their commitment to giving you the perfect cupcake,
because as the owners say, “happiness is in the frosting.”





TX Delizioso: TX Delizioso provides just what the name implies- a
fusion of Texan and Italian culinary arts into a creation so new it can
hardly be described as belonging to either nationality. Possibly never
before could one order a cannoli with their fried bison, or a side of
cream gravy with their pizza. All this and more in one food destination
that is as innovative as it is mobile.





Yes! Taco: Known for their array of ingredients and speedy service,
Yes! Taco is regarded more closely as a specialty Mexican restaurant
than a food truck. Yes! Taco boasts a selection that brings diversity
to your every day taco. With many meats and cheeses to choose from
and a slew of vegan alternatives, Yes! Taco has set themselves apart
with their authentic blend of tex-mex cuisine.



Zombies: Zombies began with a husband and wife’s dream to
share their boldness of vegan cuisine with the world. Their menu
is an eclectic synthesis of styles that might make you forget you’re
eating healthy. All of their food is either totally gluten-free or
available upon request. This mobile restaurant is a creative source
of nourishment for health-food lovers all over North Texas.